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New York State County Contacts

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County Contacts & Parcel Data Resources

(Revised January 2023) 

Recorder of Deeds offices may be known as the County Clerk office
Tax Collector office may be known as the Treasurer Office or the Finance Department.
Assessor office may be known as Real Property office or Tax Commission office.
Mapping / GIS office may be known as the Planning office.

All information provided is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and subject to change without notice.

County (Click To View)Parcel Data on County WebsiteParcel Data ViewerAdditional Parcel Resources
Albany County
Recorder of Deeds 518-487-5100
Tax Collector 518-447-7070
Tax Assessor 518-487-5290
Mapping / GIS 518-487-5290
Albany parcel resourcesAlbany parcel viewerAlbany additional
Allegany County
Recorder of Deeds 585-268-9270
Tax Collector 585-268-9289
Tax Assessor 585-268-9381
Mapping / GIS 585-268-9381
Allegany parcel resourcesAllegany parcel viewerAllegany additional
BronxNYC parcel resourcesNYC parcel viewerNYC additional
Broome County
Recorder of Deeds 607-778-2451
Tax Collector 607-778-2169
Tax Assessor 607-778-2124
Mapping / GIS 607-778-2114
Broome parcel resourcesBroome parcel viewerBroome additional
Cattaraugus County
Recorder of Deeds 716-938-2297
Tax Collector 716-701-3296
Tax Assessor 716-938-2224
Mapping / GIS 716-938-2224
Cattaraugus parcel resourcesCattaraugus parcel viewerCattaraugus additional
Cayuga County  
Recorder of Deeds 315-253-1271
Tax Collector 315-253-1211
Tax Assessor 315-253-1270
Mapping / GIS 315-253-1270
Cayuga parcel resourcesCayuga parcel viewerCayuga parcel additional
Chautauqua County www.co.chautauqua.ny.us
Recorder of Deeds 716-753-4331
Tax Collector 716-753-4221
Tax Assessor 716-753-4221
Mapping / GIS 716-753-4800
Chautauqua parcel resourcesChautauqua parcel viewerChautauqua additional
Chemung County
Recorder of Deeds 607-737-2920
Tax Collector 607-737-2927
Tax Assessor 607-737-2989
Mapping / GIS 607-737-2989
Chemung parcel resourcesChemung parcel viewerChemung additional
Chenango County
Recorder of Deeds 607-337-1450
Tax Collector 607-337-1493
Tax Assessor 607-337-1490
Mapping / GIS 607-337-1494
Chenango parcel resourcesChenango parcel viewerChenango additional
Clinton County
Recorder of Deeds 518-565-4700
Tax Collector 518-565-4730
Tax Assessor 518-565-4760
Mapping / GIS 518-565-4711
Clinton parcel resourcesClinton parcel viewerClinton additional
Columbia County www.columbiacountyny.com
Recorder of Deeds 518-828-3339
Tax Collector 518-828-0513
Tax Assessor 518-828-7334
Mapping / GIS 518-828-7334
Columbia parcel resourcesColumbia parcel viewerColumbia additional
Cortland County  
Recorder of Deeds 607-753-5021
Tax Collector 607-753-5070
Tax Assessor 607-753-5040
Mapping / GIS 607-753-5043
Cortland parcel resourcesCortland parcel viewerCortland additional
Delaware County
Recorder of Deeds 607-832-5700
Tax Collector 607-832-5070
Tax Assessor 607-832-5130
Mapping / GIS 607-832-5130
Delaware parcel resourcesDelaware parcel viewerDelaware additional
Dutchess County
Recorder of Deeds 845-486-2120
Tax Collector 845-486-2025
Tax Assessor 845-486-2140
Mapping / GIS 845-486-2140
Dutchess parcel resourcesDutchess parcel viewerDutchess additional
Erie County
Recorder of Deeds 716-858-8785
Tax Collector 716-858-8333
Tax Assessor 716-858-8333
Mapping / GIS 716-858-8390
Erie parcel resourcesErie parcel viewerErie additional
Essex County
Recorder of Deeds 518-873-3600
Tax Collector 518-873-3310
Tax Assessor 518-873-3390
Mapping / GIS 518-873-3390
Essex parcel resourcesEssex parcel viewerEssex additional
Franklin County
Recorder of Deeds 518-481-1681
Tax Collector 518-481-1512
Tax Assessor 518-481-1504
Mapping / GIS 518-481-1504
Franklin parcel resourcesFranklin parcel viewerFranklin additional
Fulton County
Recorder of Deeds 518-736-5555
Tax Collector 518-736-5580
Tax Assessor 518-736-5507
Mapping / GIS 518-736-5510
Fulton parcel resourcesFulton parcel viewerFulton additional
Genesee County
Recorder of Deeds 585-815-7802
Tax Collector 585-815-7803
Tax Assessor 585-815-7808
Mapping / GIS 585-815-7901
Genesee parcel resourcesGenesee parcel viewerGenesee additional
Greene County www.greenegovernment.com
Recorder of Deeds 518-719-3255
Tax Collector 518-719-3530
Tax Assessor 518-719-3525
Mapping / GIS 518-719-3525
Greene parcel resourcesGreene parcel viewerGreene additional
Hamilton County
Recorder of Deeds 518-548-7111
Tax Collector 518-548-7911
Tax Assessor 518-548-5531
Mapping / GIS 518-548-5531
Hamilton parcel resourcesHamilton parcel viewerHamilton additional
Herkimer County
Recorder of Deeds 315-867-1133
Tax Collector 315-867-1146
Tax Assessor 315-867-1153
Mapping / GIS 315-867-1153
Herkimer parcel resourcesHerkimer parcel viewerHerkimer additional
Jefferson County
Recorder of Deeds 315-785-3200
Tax Collector 315-785-3055
Tax Assessor 315-785-3074
Mapping / GIS 315-785-3074
Jefferson parcel resourcesJefferson parcel viewerJefferson additional
Kings County  
Recorder of Deeds 212-639-9675
Tax Collector 212-639-9675
Tax Assessor 212-639-9675
Mapping / GIS 212-639-9675
NYC parcel resourcesNYC parcel viewerNYC additional
Lewis County
Recorder of Deeds 315-376-5333
Tax Collector 315-376-5326
Tax Assessor 315-376-5336
Mapping / GIS 315-376-5336
Lewis parcel resourcesLewis parcel viewerLewis additional
Livingston County www.co.livingston.state.ny.us
Recorder of Deeds 585-243-7010
Tax Collector 585-243-7050
Tax Assessor 585-243-7192
Mapping / GIS 585-243-7192
Livingston parcel resourcesLivingston parcel viewerLivingston additional
Madison County www.madisoncounty.ny.gov
Recorder of Deeds 315-366-2261
Tax Collector 315-366-2371
Tax Assessor 315-366-2346
Mapping / GIS 315-366-2346
Madison parcel resourcesMadison parcel viewerMadison additional
Monroe County
Recorder of Deeds 585-753-1600
Tax Collector 585-753-1200
Tax Assessor 585 753-1157
Mapping / GIS 585 753-1157
Monroe parcel resourcesMonroe parcel viewerMonroe additional
Montgomery County www.co.montgomery.ny.us
Recorder of Deeds 518-853-8111
Tax Collector 518-853-8175
Tax Assessor 518-853-3996
Mapping / GIS 518-853-3996
Montgomery parcel resourcesMontgomery parcel viewerMontgomery additional
Nassau County
Recorder of Deeds 516-571-2660
Tax Collector 516-571-2090
Tax Assessor 516-571-1500
Mapping / GIS 516-571-1500
Nassau parcel resourcesNassau parcel viewerNassau additional
New York County www.manhattanbp.nyc.gov
Recorder of Deeds 212-487-6300
Tax Collector 212-669-4410
Tax Assessor 212-504-4080
Mapping / GIS 212-504-4080
NYC parcel resourcesNYC parcel viewerNYC additional
Niagara County
Recorder of Deeds 716-439-7022
Tax Collector 716-439-7007
Tax Assessor 716-439-7077
Mapping / GIS 716-858-8390
Niagara parcel resourcesNiagara parcel viewerNiagara additional
Oneida County
Recorder of Deeds 315-798-5776
Tax Collector 315-798-5750
Tax Assessor 315-798-5750
Mapping / GIS 315-798-5710
Oneida parcel resourcesOneida parcel viewerOneida additional
Onondaga County
Recorder of Deeds 315-435-2227
Tax Collector 315-435-2426
Tax Assessor 315-435-2426
Mapping / GIS 315-435-2426
Onondaga parcel resourcesOnondaga parcel viewerOnondaga additional
Ontario County
Recorder of Deeds 585-396-4200
Tax Collector 585-396-4432
Tax Assessor 585-919-2750
Mapping / GIS 585-396-4500
Ontario parcel resourcesOntario parcel viewerOntario additional
Orange County
Recorder of Deeds 845-291-2690
Tax Collector 845-291-2480
Tax Assessor 845-291-2494
Mapping / GIS 845-291-2494
Orange parcel resourcesOrange parcel viewerOrange additional
Orleans County
Recorder of Deeds 585-589-5334
Tax Collector 585-589-5353
Tax Assessor 585-589-5400
Mapping / GIS 585-589-3189
Orleans parcel resourcesOrleans parcel viewerOrleans additional
Oswego County
Recorder of Deeds 315-349-8621
Tax Collector 315-349-8393
Tax Assessor 315-349-8393
Mapping / GIS 315-349-8393
Oswego parcel resourcesOswego parcel viewerOswego additional
Otsego County
Recorder of Deeds 607-547-4276
Tax Collector 607-547-4235
Tax Assessor 607-547-4221
Mapping / GIS 607-547-4220
Otsego parcel resourcesOtsego parcel viewerOtsego additional
Putnam County
Recorder of Deeds 845-808-1142 x2
Tax Collector 845-808-1075
Tax Assessor 845-808-1030
Mapping / GIS 845-808-1030
Putnam parcel resourcesPutnam parcel viewerPutnam additional
Queens County
Recorder of Deeds 718-298-0609
Tax Collector 212-639-9675
Tax Assessor 212-639-9675
Mapping / GIS 212-639-9675
NYC parcel resourcesNYC parcel viewerNYC additional
Rensselaer County
Recorder of Deeds 518-270-4080
Tax Collector 518-270-2780
Tax Assessor 518-270-2780
Mapping / GIS 518-270-2690
Rensselaer parcel resourcesn/aRensselaer additional
Richmond County www.statenislandusa.com
Recorder of Deeds 718-675-7700
Tax Collector 718-675-7700
Tax Assessor 718-815-8511
Mapping / GIS 518-242-5029
NYC parcel resourcesNYC parcel viewerNYC additional
Rockland County www.rocklandcountyny.gov
Recorder of Deeds 845-638-5070
Tax Collector 845-364-3870
Tax Assessor 845-364-3870
Mapping / GIS 845-364-3434
Rockland parcel resourcesRockland parcel viewerRockland additional
Saratoga County www.saratogacountyny.gov
Recorder of Deeds 518-885-2213
Tax Collector 518-884-4724
Tax Assessor 518-885-2219
Mapping / GIS 518-884-4705
Saratoga parcel resourcesSaratoga parcel viewerSaratoga additional
Schenectady County www.schenectadycounty.com
Recorder of Deeds 518-388-4220
Tax Collector 518-386-2225
Tax Assessor 518-388-4246
Mapping / GIS 518-388-4246
Schenectady parcel resourcesSchenectady parcel viewerSchenectady additional
Schoharie County
Recorder of Deeds 518-295-8316
Tax Collector 518-295-8386
Tax Assessor 518-295-8349
Mapping / GIS 518-295-8349
Schoharie parcel resourcesSchoharie parcel viewerSchoharie additional
Schuyler County
Recorder of Deeds 607-535-8133
Tax Collector 607-535-8181
Tax Assessor 607-535-8118
Mapping / GIS 607-535-8118
Schuyler parcel resourcesSchuyler parcel viewerSchuyler additional
Seneca County
Recorder of Deeds 315-539-1770
Tax Collector 315-539-1735
Tax Assessor 315-539-1717
Mapping / GIS 315-539-1719
Seneca parcel resourcesn/aSeneca additional
St Lawrence County
Recorder of Deeds 315-379-2237
Tax Collector 315-379-2234
Tax Assessor 315-379-2234
Mapping / GIS 315-661-3261
St Lawrence parcel resourcesSt Lawrence parcel viewerSt Lawrence additional
Steuben County
Recorder of Deeds 607-664-2563
Tax Collector 607-664-2488
Tax Assessor 607-664-2373
Mapping / GIS 607-664-2373
Steuben parcel resourcesSteuben parcel viewerSteuben additional
Suffolk County
Recorder of Deeds 631-852-2000
Tax Collector 631-852-1500
Tax Assessor 631-852-1550
Mapping / GIS 631-852-1550
Suffolk parcel resourcesSuffolk parcel viewerSuffolk additional
Sullivan County
Recorder of Deeds 845-807-0411
Tax Collector 845-807-0200
Tax Assessor 845-807-0221
Mapping / GIS 845-807-0221
Sullivan parcel resourcesSullivan parcel viewerSullivan additional
Tioga County  
Recorder of Deeds 607-687-8660
Tax Collector 607-687-8670
Tax Assessor 607-687-8661
Mapping / GIS 607-687-8661
Tioga parcel resourcesTioga parcel viewerTioga additional
Tompkins County
Recorder of Deeds 607-274-5431
Tax Collector 607-274-5545
Tax Assessor 607-274-5517
Mapping / GIS 607-274-5418
Tompkins parcel resourcesTompkins parcel viewerTompkins additional
Ulster County
Recorder of Deeds 845-340-3288
Tax Collector 845-340-3460
Tax Assessor 845-340-3490
Mapping / GIS 845-334-5300
Ulster parcel resourcesUlster parcel viewerUlster additional
Warren County
Recorder of Deeds 518-761-6426
Tax Collector 518-761-6375
Tax Assessor 518-761-6464
Mapping / GIS 518-761-6410
Warren parcel resourcesWarren parcel viewerWarren additional
Washington County www.washingtoncountyny.gov
Recorder of Deeds 518-746-2170
Tax Collector 518-746-2220
Tax Assessor 518-746-2130
Mapping / GIS 518-746-2130
Washington parcel resourcesWashington parcel viewerWashington additional
Wayne County
Recorder of Deeds 315-946-7470
Tax Collector 315-946-7441
Tax Assessor 315-946-5916
Mapping / GIS 315-946-5916
Wayne parcel resourcesWayne parcel viewerWayne additional
Westchester County www.westchestergov.com
Recorder of Deeds 914-995-3080
Tax Collector 914-995-2757
Tax Assessor 914-995-4325
Mapping / GIS 914-995-4325
Westchester parcel resourcesWestchester parcel viewerWestchester additional
Wyoming County
Recorder of Deeds 585-786-8810
Tax Collector 585-786-8812
Tax Assessor 585-786-8828
Mapping / GIS 585-786-8828
Wyoming parcel resourcesWyoming parcel viewerWyoming additional
Yates County
Recorder of Deeds 315-536-5120
Tax Collector 315-536-5192
Tax Assessor 315-536-5165
Mapping / GIS 315-536-5165
Yates parcel resourcesYates parcel viewerYates additional

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