Easy Ways You Can Get Free Land in the USA In 2021

Easy Ways You Can Get Free Land in the USA In 2021- Wholesale Land Investing Simplified. Blog

It’s hard to believe that there are still city planning programs that can get you Free Land in the USA In 2021. If you are looking for a real estate opportunity that can serve you as a means to homeownership than below, we examined ways that are best for you. The purpose of granting free land to families and individuals is to elevate the property value and to scale the businesses around the area.

Qualification for Free Land in the United States 

Half of the battle’s over when you don’t have to waste time finding the list of free land lots in the US. Although you should check the city’s process requirements which can appear comparable to this list. 

  1. Apply for the Free Land Through Given Link
  2. Prove Your Financial Means 
  3. Sign the Agreement 
  4. Make a Deposit ($500 in most cases)
  5. Follow the Fine Print 
  6. Understand the Obligations Ahead of Time 
  7. Relocate to One of the Following Discussed Locations 

Free Land in Lincoln, Kansas 

These free land lots are located in the City of Lincoln and are ready to build. The lots can be allotted to an individual and families that are interested in moving to the Lincoln community. 

The lots are available in a completely structured residential area within the city limits and located only a few blocks always from the hospital, high school, football field, city park, and downtown with a locally owned grocery store. Other high-end necessities such as restaurants, movie theaters, banks, and more are also available. 

The size of the residential lots ranging from 14,000 to 35,000 sq. Ft, which are situated in a pretty city with a population of 3,500 people, located in central Kansas.  

This Free Land Giveaway is designed to encourage people to be part of the Kansas worthy community. Check out the qualification here

Free Land in Marquette, Kansas 

The great community of Marquette, Kansas is offering free land to families who are interested to live in a small town.  

The town is located in “The Heart of America” with beautiful nature throughout the community. The particular town is family-friendly, relaxed, safe, and supports a peaceful lifestyle.  

The area is full of activities specifically for children and senior citizens as well. The activities include children’s dance classes, senior citizen programs, service organizations, clubs, youth, and adult athletic programs, and much more. 

Moreover, these free residential lots are near to an excellent school system so you don’t have to worry about the educational issues of your children. 

When you obtain free land from the community of Marquette, Kansas, you have to start building within 180 days and complete the construction process within a year

Checkout Marquette, Kansas free land details here 

Free Land in Mankato, Kansas 

Mankato is a small community in Kansas with only 900 people. To have people draw to the city, they are offering free land in exchange for homes that are to be built on the property. 

These vacant lots are beautiful and seem to be eye catchy with a horseshoe-shaped drive on the east side of Mankato’s community. 

The free land that Mankato, KS is offering is situated close to a high school, steak house, hospital, motel and about half a mile away from the shopping center. 

You can check the qualification for Mankato, Kansas free land here and see if it suits you.  

Free Land in Plainville, Kansas 

This is a first-come-first-serve free land program that is introduced in the city of Plainville. The city kept a population of only 2,000 people but the area include industries like oil production, truck trailer manufacture, agriculture, health care, and much more. 

The size of the free lots is 155 feet wide and 93 feet deep, and they are located in Plainville North Addition. 

The main requirement for getting free land in Plainville, Kansas is to build a new home with a full foundation and a $500 deposit to the city. 

For further details, please visit Rooks County, Kansas official website here. 

Free Land in Flagler, Colorado 

Flagler is a ranching and farming community with a tiny population of approx. 650. This small town is located 110 miles east of Denver.  

The town is hoping to attract new businesses and that’s the reason it is offering free land for industrial and commercial uses. The town has all the essentials such as an excellent school system, pharmacy, wireless internet, restaurant, library, golf course, motel, grocery store, and other luxuries.

For further details, please visit Flager, Colorado official website here.

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  1. Flagler, Colorado would be the perfect place I can build a future we can “ALL” live with. With permission from the state, I can bring a workforce army to work for me for minimum wage.

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