How Much Land Is Required To Build A House In 2021?

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The construction of your dream house comes with some real estate knowledge challenges. One of them is to determine “How Much Land Do You Need to Build a House?”. Although it depends on several factors such as your local zoning requirements, the purpose of the home, and the size of the family, you can get a clear idea by looking at the perfect estimate for land required to build a home.  

How Much Land Is Required To Build A House In 2021?

How Much Land is Required to Build a Home?   

Let’s assume an acre for your dream house. This idea doesn’t fit if you are planning to see no neighbors in sight but herds of cattle roaming around.  Because one acre equals almost the size of an American football field (excluding the end zones) and you cannot consider such things as planning for fields and having something like Scavenger Hunts. 

Likewise, if you are looking for recreational land, it is suggested to look for a home more than an acre depending on what are your preferences to do with that lot.    

What’s Best For You? 

The average home size in New York is 1,764 square feet which is the smallest throughout the united states.    

Despite that, you are planning for a perfect home functional for your purposes. One-acre land would be the perfect choice according to your needs.   

Usually, we see 2-3 single family homes built per acre in most of the subdivision lots. However, the average lot size on which a custom-built is registered is closer to an acre.     

Generally speaking, an acre would be the most suitable size essential for a single-family home.   


It is defined as the percentage or ratio of the size of the building to the land on which it is built. To determine Land-To-Building-Ratio, we can divide the square footage of calculating land with that of its residence building. For instance, an acre having 43,560 square feet having a construction of 15,000 square feet consists of a land-to-ratio of 2.9:1. 

The average Land-To-Building-Ratio throughout the United States is 2.5:1 to 3.5:1. Thus, if we keep the ratio of 3.0:1 for your land then your one-acre home can be up to 15,000 square feet.   

What are the Considerations?   

Whenever looking for a perfect sized home with all the luxuries available, you need to consider these three points.   

What Utilities are Available in the Area?   

To make sure that your land size is applicable for basic utilities, it is crucial to check-out the American Planning Association requirements in which they have mentioned the minimum lot sizes for particular utilities.   

  1. Half of an acre when both sewage and water systems are lacking   
  2. A quarter of an acre when either sewage or water systems are lacking 
  3. Less than a Quarter of an acre when both sewage and water systems are present  

Each of the situations is compatible with a home built on one acre. Although one acre seems to be a little extra space for a single-family home. but it certainly worthies for a custom-built. 

What is your Budget?  

It is the paramount consideration when looking for land to build a home. To give you an idea so you can scale your land requirement, let’s talk particularly about the land of New York State.  

According to LandWatch, they had recently listed over an estimate $13 Billion of New York land and rural property. The average price of New York lands, ranches, farms, and other listings is $589,194. Although the average price is extremely high, still you can own valuable land in New York for as little as $82 per month.  

What are Your Preferences to Buy That Particular Home?   

Contrary to the technical boundaries, you need to determine your preferences at play.    

•   Do you want to see neighbors along with your home? 

•   Do you want to do other things with your property, such as creating farms, orchards, finishing ponds, and raising livestock?   

•   Do you like to see nature around your home?   

By answering these questions, you may get a proper sense of what feels good for you. Moreover, you can visit similar properties and see if their size fits your requirements.   

What are the Local Zoning Regulations?   

While buying land and getting it ready for construction, it is necessary to check the local zoning requirements to verify that your home structure lies under their given terms and conditions.   

Many cities and areas have a minimum lot size larger than one acre if you want to build a home.    

For instance, we have worked in many New York towns, where the minimum requirement of lot size is larger than 2 acres.    

Therefore, keep in mind the rules and regulations given by the local zoning department. Be sure to connect with the zoning department and discuss your property of interest. 

If you are looking to buy cheap land for building your ultimate dream home, We can help you find the perfect parcel! Fill out this form to let us know what you are looking for, or give our office a call today! (888) 247-7604.

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