Will Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. Be Able To Create Better Land Investors In 2021?


Land Investors Can Now Stop Buying Underperforming Land Investments. Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. is a company that is creating a wave of better land investors with easy and effective solutions for anyone that is focused on cheap vacant land with built-in equity anywhere in the USA. With their unique strategy, Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. is quickly becoming a go-to source for stopping the self-sabotaging of inexperienced land investors who face underperforming investment purchases in 2021.

Claymont, Delaware – Today Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. announced the acquisition of 5 raw vacant land lots in Jackson, Michigan. This milestone is a major move for Surplus Asset Specialists Inc. on its mission to create better investors and revitalize communities across America.

“We are very excited about this acquisition,” says Chantel, Real Estate Investor Associate at Surplus Asset Specialists Inc. “With the impact of COVID-19 on all of our lives, We are looking forward to 2021 and being a part of a win-win situation for everyone in this great city.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

• Purchasing over 25 vacant land lots in Lakes of the North, Michigan

• Purchasing over 18 vacant land lots in the State of New York

For new investors finding good vacant land can also be an arduous task, not to mention time-consuming. How do you ensure you are entering a land investment deal that’s a profitable one? 

Apparently with Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. anyone can buy USA cheap land for sale without any hassles, with complete transparency at wholesale prices. They claim to have seen the simplicity and stability of raw vacant land in the U.S.A with a goal to make vacant land investing easy and simple, whether someone wants to purchase a piece of raw land for single family housing development, commercial building or just to keep the cheap vacant land for a long term investment, Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. motto is “Raw Land Investing Simplified”.

To landowners Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. simply asks “Is Your Vacant Land A Burden To You?” They appear to be serious cash buyers which helps people with their vacant land ownership problems by purchasing their vacant land exactly the way it is, no matter the condition. With a claim of no upfront fees are charged and no appraisal is conducted before purchasing a piece of land.

In addition to that, Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. claim that they can buy the land in as little as mere seven days, with no obligations and no hassles. From the looks of their website, all kinds of raw vacant land are bought by Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. across 4 states including California, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania from city infill lots, recreational land, rural land, and all other kinds of unused land.

Being a rising vacant land investment agency, Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. seems to have a wide range of raw land that can be sold to those who are interested in cheap land for sale. With their No Credit Check – Land Owner Financing Program anyone can purchase cheap land for sale for as little as $0 down payment and no extensive paperwork, they are pulling all stops to make it easier for anyone to participate in the American Dream. Moreover, their exclusive Landowner Financing Program is specially designed to be the perfect place for interested buyers to purchase cheap vacant land with payments as low as $100 per month, and flexible loan terms which include No Prepayment Penalties at all.

Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. positioned themselves in a way that anyone interested in purchasing cheap vacant land can browse through the available properties for sale in the View Current Properties menu, choose whichever cheap vacant land that suits their investment needs and secures the property with a click of a button instantly. Also by offering a 100% money-back guarantee policy that allows 48 hours “cooling off period” for anyone to take advantage of in case something comes up during their buying experience.

Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. is a verified member of ChamberOfCommerce.com, which means that they stand behind their guaranteed service. Furthermore, by providing honest, transparent, and trustworthy service, Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc. wants to continue building a reputation of being a candid firm that caters to the needs of the people looking to buy cheap vacant land within the USA. 

Contact Person Name: Chantel Gabriel

Company: Surplus Asset Specialists, Inc.

Email: inquiries@wesellnewyorkland.com

Phone: (302) 746-2227

Address: 2093 Philadelphia Pike, Suite #2436

Location: Claymont, DE 19703 USA

Website: www.wesellnewyorkland.com

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